Karl Rucker


Karl Henry Rucker; ,born in Chicago Illinois. Addresses: Patriot Records, P.O. Box 691097, Los Angeles,
California 90069.
Website: Karlruckermusic.com

Rucker began his musical
journey at the age of five by learning to play the piano under the watchful eyes
of his mother, herself a classical pianist. During his teens as his own musical
tastes developed, his talents quickly spread to trumpet, drums, guitar and the
bass which he found himself drawn to and became his instrument of choice, a
decision which he never looked back from. Inspired by the then emerging soul
sound of Motown and R&B, he began to showcase his talent in various venues in
Chicago, playing at numerous gigs and sitting in whenever the opportunity arose.
His first record deal was at age 15 with a local singing group “The

Moving to California in the early 70’s, he turned his attention to
Rock and joined “The Butts Band”, formerly “The Doors”, performed with and
produced the “Hear and Now” album.

Rucker can also be seen playing in the
movie “Intimate Stranger” by Allan Holzman as Deborah Harry’s bassist in the
nightclub scenes.

Rucker is the bassist for many of the cartoons produced by
Filmation: Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, The
Archies, Josie and the Pussycats, Shazam, and Scoobie Do.

His musical
expertise and remarkable ability to play and read pieces accurately has made him
a well-known in the industry and he is often being called into a production
studio in the middle of the night to record sessions. His musical focus has
been R&B, Classical, New Age, Reggae and Rock, easy listening and more recently
gospel. He has toured and recorded with Long John Baldry, Cher, Ike & Tina
Turner, Irene Cara, Steven Stills, Tanya Tucker, Brenda Russell, Jonathan Cain
of Journey and a host of other world class talent as well as scoring the music
for Keith Antar Mason’s highly acclaimed play “Sexual Illegal”.

It was his
association with German singer “Nina Hagen” known at the time as the queen of
punk, which pushed him into rock stardom. As her band leader, writer, producer
and composer for over ten years, they traveled worldwide (9 world tours) and
were a huge concert draw wherever they performed. One of their largest
performances being “The Rock N’ Rio” concert held in Brazil in 1985 attended by
over 360,000 fans. Regarding Karl, Composer/Guitarist/Producer Bill Liesegang
is quoted as saying “One of the great musicians of our time”.

Working with
Franjo Beslic, renowned artist, painter-sculptor, Karl created “MusArt©
Experience Exhibit”, a musical odyssey of swirling kaleidoscopic-soundscapes
combining New Age music with paintings, sculpture, photography and film.

More recently Rucker has written and produced the now recorded songs Portrait
of You and Another Woman’s Man available under the CD Baby label for Janey Kirk,
one of Scotland’s hottest country and western singers. Also recorded under the
CD Baby label is his own album titled “Over The Rainbow”, an easy listening
instrumental work, designed to promote healing and instill well-being.

Currently with the advent of the digital music revolution, Rucker is working
on projects reinventing himself musically. He is in the process of creating an
internet based music school teaching piano in a new and exciting way that meets
the needs, interests, and abilities of students. Rucker is also creating a
Christian video show in a way never before seen in which the bible is brought
forth in a unique and appealing way to all age groups. His new line of gospel
music will be available by the summer of 2015.

When asked who have been his
greatest musical influences, he is keen to point out that everything he listens
to directs his musical development in some way. He would however certainly
include Stanley Clark, The Temptations, Frank Zappa, Cream, The Beatles and his
mother, who at age 90 is still a source of encouragement and inspiration as
being on that list.

He is overwhelming grateful for the opportunity to have
performed with so many wonderfully talented musicians and singers over the years
and hopes that his future musical endeavors will provide a new means to give
back to the world as he expresses himself through it.

Karl’s website can be
found at Karlruckermusic.com and Reverbnation.com, and provides an array of
tracks, albums, pictures, videos, playlists and events.

Check out Karl’s
website, You Tube, Facebook or visit his LinkedIn page for further information
on the artist.

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